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No leaks are good leaks

Has the summer heat brought out the fluids in your car? There are several fluids that need to be maintained to keep you car in it’s optimum running condition. To maintain our “fluids” we only need to make sure to drink eight glasses of water daily, but our vehicles have five “fluids” that must be maintained. We know not to let our vehicles oil go dry but what about your transmission, brake, power steering and differential fluids? And don’t forget about your anti freeze/coolant?

The health of your vehicle degrades when it is low on fluid or the velocity of the fluid has broken down over time. As a responsible car owner you need to make sure your fluids are in their “optimum condition”. We all know what happens when we run out of oil, but some fluid levels or leaks are difficult to spot. Leaks do not always show up on your driveway. For instance 2% moisture in your brake fluid can cause rust in the lines and ABS controllers, but you will never see this leak. These can be expensive to replace, so it is best to stay on top of the maintenance of your vehicle to prevent costly repairs. Good shops know how to help you keep your fluids healthy, and check them when you bring in your car for a lube, oil & filter service.

By bringing in your vehicle regularly, you allow preventative maintenance to be performed. Ultimately, every vehicle should be in the shop every 3000 – 5000 miles for it’s lube, oil and filter service. If you do not drive enough to have it in every three to four months (which is the time frame for average drivers to reach the 3000 – 5000 mile range) then plan to bring it in at the change of seasons. This way, your mechanic can check everything over to make sure your fluids are healthy and there is no evidence of any coming failure to one of the many moving, integral parts that keep you on the road.

And, if you don’t have a shop you feel comfortable trusting with this task, you need to find another shop. Your mechanic should be like your doctor – they help prevent untimely, inconvenient costly repairs that can sometimes cause a domino effect within the workings of your car (like the doctor with our bodies).

Remember, No Leaks are Good Leaks and you do not always see evidence of a leak on your driveway. Some fluids drip and leak so little that it dissipates before it hits the ground. You deserve a shop that can take care of you and your vehicle. Maintenance will ALWAYS cost less than repair and preserves the life of your vehicle!

Enjoy the ride!

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