Sparks and Reno Auto Repair
Sparks, NV 89431
2255 Glendale Ave
Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Call Us! (775) 358-8301
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I have and would recommend to anyone. They have done above and beyond to help me with all of my vehicle... Thank you all at A Master Mechanic...
In depth analysis of the overall vehicle condition, and Complete Service, Including Oil and Filter Change, Tire Rotation. Up to 5 qt standard petroleum oil. Synthetic oil option just $20 more. ... [more...]
Front End Alignment, Inspect Steering and Front Suspension. Balance and Rotate Tires. Some Restrictions apply.
Climate Control Performance Inspection, Coolant System Flush, and complete Air Conditioning Service & Recharge

Financing Is Available for all your Maintenance and Repairs



At A Master Mechanic we value ...

  •    A commitment to honesty & integrity in our business activities
  •    Care and respect for our customers and employees
  •    Dedication and responsiveness to our customer's needs
  •    Leading edge technical competence and experience that is admired
  •    Involvement in our community and the people we serve
  •    A value for our independence & the objectivity it provides in serving our customers

Our mission is to provide every customer access to our comprehensive system of car care management that supports educated car ownership. We are here to offer the community a convenient, professional and ethical auto service shop. Our team is driven to stay on top of the state of the art maintenance and repair technology, using the best tools and equipment the industry has to offer. Our dedication motivates us to teach, support and guide our customers with knowledge that will help you maintain the state of health of your vehicle, economically, conveniently, sustainably and reliably. This is a piece of the strong foundation that motivates and guides the TEAM at A Master Mechanic.  We hope you choose us for all of your Reno auto repair needs or Sparks auto repair needs.

Welcome to A Master Mechanic
Superior Reno Auto Repair and Sparks Auto Repair!

A Master Mechanic began its roots in Carson City Nevada when a teenage boy was given a challenge. This young boy was almost of driving age, and was going to need a car if he was going to experience any independence. Seeing an old beat up tractor in a field in his neighborhood gave him an idea. He approached his neighbor about purchasing the tractor, offering to do yard work to earn it. The older gentleman laughed, "If you can make that tractor run, it is yours." At twelve years old, Jeff made that tractor run, sold it and bought his first car (which he also had to fix) and the challenge of the automotive world instilled itself in his heart. Now, almost forty years later, Jeff stills serves the automotive community at A Master Mechanic. He uses his lifelong experiences and knowledge to operate a premium shop for the everyday person!


Best Price Guarantee
Best Price Guarantee
Best Price Guarantee