Ase Master Certified And Carries A 1g & 2g Certification

Jeff has worked for some of the "Old School Masters" and has built a lifetime of experience from their teachings. It is important to Jeff that customers know we are loyal to them and their cars needs. "we aren't just offering a product for sale. We offer service, knowledge and experience. As a "Hands On" owner Jeff makes sure every employee is provided with monthly opportunities to attend classes and sharpen their skills. He wants everyone he employs to stay up on the newest standards and methods in car maintenance and repair. His passion outside of the shop is "HORSEPOWER." He visits the SEMA show every year (and brings a few employees sometimes) to learn about the newest trends in automotive technology. Jeff loves his family and supports his wife and daughter in their passion-Horses and his son in his passion-Motorcycling. "I Love Horses as long as they're in cylinders!" Is a catch phrase you can hear Jeff repeat around the shop on any given day.

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